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SugarPepper Cooks

Cookery Lessons  |  Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a Gift Voucher and/or booking a cookery lesson with  SugarPepper Cooks you agree to abide by our terms & conditions:


o Full payment is required in advance of receiving the Gift Voucher and lesson booking.

o We reserve the right to alter the price of our cookery lesson service at any time, once we have received your payment the price will not change.

o All bookings, once made, are non-transferable and non-refundable in the event the client/s cancels the lesson for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, if the lesson cannot proceed due to the client/s not having access to the pre-agreed kitchen, due to no or restricted access to the pre-agreed kitchen facilities, due to faulty or missing equipment in the client/s’ chosen kitchen (including hobs, ovens, fridges, freezers, microwaves, barbecues, sinks etc), if there is no drinking water, electricity or gas, or due to the client/s failure to provide the pre-agreed list of ingredients and equipment required for their chosen lesson.

Gift Vouchers - Payment & Value

o Gift Vouchers are sent electronically, via email only. We aim to deliver vouchers via email within 24 hours of your cleared payment.

o Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

o The lesson date must fall on or before the expiry date confirmed on the Gift Voucher.

o Gift Vouchers have no cash redemption value.


o As advertised on www.sugarpeppercooks.co.uk, all cookery lessons are carried out in the client/s’ own kitchen.

o Lesson bookings are accepted subject to SugarPepper Cooks availability.

o Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed through the website. To check lesson availability and book lessons email hello@sugarpeppercooks.co.uk or call 01865 510949

o Gift Vouchers may not be partially redeemed, unless previously agreed. Any outstanding value cannot be used against any future lessons and no 'change' shall be given. 

o By booking your lesson you agree to be available at the pre-agreed time and location and ensure all ingredients and equipment required are present.

o The client/s will ensure that your pre-agreed choice of kitchen is clean, clear and ready to use for the time-slot booked. In the event the lesson is delayed due to these reasons, or any other, the lesson will be shortened accordingly.

o The client/s pre-agreed choice of kitchen must be free of pets, and unsupervised children for the duration of the lesson.

Health and Safety

o SugarPepper Cooks will adhere to all food safety guidance throughout the lesson.

o Our lessons do not include instruction of food hygiene guidelines or Health and Safety procedures. The client/s is expected to have adequate knowledge on purchasing and storing high-risk food, perishable and dry goods, food hygiene and general kitchen safety. This also includes confident use of knives and their own kitchen equipment.  

o Clients are expected to be aware of all associated risks and act appropriately given the risks they have identified and assessed in advance of their lesson.  

o Personal loss, injury, damage or neglect, by the client/s, of their equipment during the lesson will not be the liability of SugarPepper Cooks.

o SugarPepper Cooks will not accept liability for any food cooked during the lesson which is then reheated by the client/s at a later time or date.

Dietary, Health and Allergy Requirements

o Sugar Pepper Cooks will not purchase any ingredients for the booked cookery lessons and so will not be liable for any allergic reaction caused by any ingredients used or cooked with during the lesson that have been bought by the client/s and/or supplied by the client/s for the lesson.

o If you have allergies, dietary requirements or are pregnant, please let us know in advance and recipes will be adapted to accommodate your requirements.

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