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Side orders:

Pasta - regular, whole wheat or gluten-free

Pasta bakes - e.g. macaroni, garlic courgettes, mascarpone

& Parmesan bake

Buttered gnocchi

Wheat, rice or soba noodles,

Mashed/roast/baked, sweet or new potatoes

White or brown rice

Barley and split pea risotto

Herbed quinoa/cous cous/bulghar wheat

Dressed chickpeas/haricot beans/lentils

Optional extras:

Selection of salads and bread


Please call  0845 330 4533 or email to discuss your requirements and for a tailor-made quote

For a full list of meatballs available click here:


Simply Meatball Delicious!

0845 330 4533

Canapés & finger buffets

For canapé menus and finger buffets our meatballs can be served plain or paired with a dip of your choice.

Sample menu:  

-beef and Serrano ham meatballs with Romesco, alioli or wholegrain mustard and shallot dip

-chicken and tarragon meatballs with blue cheese and soured cream dip

-curried chicken tikka meatballs with raita, mango chutney or red onion, tomato and mint relish

-cumin, courgette and sesame seed lamb meatballs with mint tzatziki dip

-salmon and dill balls with lemon and caper mayonnaise dip

-broad bean and chickpea falafel with harissa houmous dip

Meatball subs -  Italian meatball and melted mozzarella sandwich (baguette, roll, panini, flatbread, garlic bread or ciabatta)

Sliders - mini 1 ball burger ‘n’ sauce in a bun- a great way to sample a selection of meatballs & ideal for informal finger buffets

Hot fork buffets & bowl food

For hot buffets select any meatball listed to suit your taste. Or choose either a beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish or vegetarian option and choose any sauce and side order to accompany:

Sample sauces!:

Rich tomato sauce

Mexican chipotle chilli sauce with mixed peppers

Creamy mushroom, white wine, thyme & chive

Mustard Stroganoff

Alfredo sauce - cream, garlic, parsley & Parmesan

Thai or Indian style sauces

Chinese five spice or black bean sauce

Creamy leek

Parsley and watercress sauce

Any other sauce you fancy!

Organic option available with all meatballs and sauces

The meatball

- small ball of seasoned minced ‘meat’

The deli

- a ‘shop’ selling cooked or prepared foods ready for serving

Meatball Deli - for the love of meatballs!

- our handmade gourmet meatball range

Meatball Deli Oxford Meatball Deli Oxford Meatball Deli Oxford

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