The meatball

- small ball of seasoned minced ‘meat’

The deli

- a ‘shop’ selling cooked or prepared foods ready for serving

Meatball Deli - for the love of meatballs!

- our handmade gourmet meatball range

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We offer the delicious Meatball Deli range of gourmet meatballs as an alternative to our SugarPepper

Cooks outside catering menus. Ideal for any occasion you can think of including hot buffets, birthday parties, Oxford University club and society events, tapas & themed celebrations!

Why not offer our Meatball Deli range on your shop, deli or pub menu?  

Enquiries from deli's, shops, pubs, restaurants, bars & cafes wishing to stock our meatballs are very welcome.

For available Meatball Deli options click here. You might also like to visit our Menu & Product Development page.

Call  0845 330 4533

or email to discuss your requirements and for a

tailor-made quote

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